Monthly SEO Packages

Monthly SEO Packages
Pay Monthly SEO
Monthly SEO Packages

Grow Your Business Online With Our Affordable SEO Packages

Pay Monthly SEO Packages are becoming increasingly popular among small, start-up, and medium businesses in the UK. At SEO Group UK, we take pride in offering comprehensive solutions at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Do you need help to increase your website’s visibility on search engines like Google? You’re not alone. Search engine optimisation (SEO) can be challenging, especially for small businesses with limited resources. 

Our tailored SEO packages cover every aspect, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Investing in low-cost SEO packages can increase your page rankings, generate more leads and clients, and boost your revenue.

Whether you are an Accountant for a tradesmen. We provide SEO for all types of businesses 

Ready to take your online presence to the next level? 

Low Cost SEO Packages

Not only are our SEO pricing plans fixed and all-inclusive, there are no additional fees or surprises.

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Small Businesses

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SEO Packages


  • Free Setup
  • Up to 5 Keywords
  • Local or National SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building (DA 20+)
  • Content Optimisation
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Blog Optimisation
  • Monthly Blog Article
  • Landing Page Development


  • Free Setup
  • Up to 10 Keywords
  • Local or National SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building (DA 30+)
  • Content Optimisation
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Blog Optimisation
  • Monthly Blog Article
  • Landing Page Development

Level Up

  • Free Setup
  • Up to 20 Keywords
  • Local or National SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building (DA 40+)
  • Content Optimisation
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Blog Optimisation
  • Monthly Blog Article
  • Landing Page Development
Gain New Clients
Rank Above Your Competitors
Expand Your Business
Generate More Sales/Leads

What is an SEO Package

An SEO package is a group of services designed to optimise your website for search engines. It typically includes a combination of: 


  • On-page optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Content creation. 
  • Backlink Generation

On-page optimisation involves optimising elements on your website, such as meta tags, headings, and keyword density. Off-page optimisation entails building backlinks from other websites to increase your site’s authority in search engine’s eyes.

Content creation can range from blog posts to infographics that attract visitors and encourage engagement with your brand online. The goal is to improve your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords related to your business.

SEO packages are often priced according to the number of services offered and the amount of time spent working on them each month. They may also be tailored specifically for local businesses targeting specific geographic areas or national/international companies looking to compete at a broader level.

Stats that Prove SEO is Important

Google receives 8.5 billion search queries every day.

Google uses 200 variables when deciding rank order of pages

Over 25% of People Click the First Google Search Result

Organic search generates 3x more visits to websites than social media.

75% of all users never go past the first page on Google

94% of all clicks on Google are on Organic results

Benefits of Using an SEO Package for Your Business

Utilising a Pay Monthly SEO package for your business offers numerous advantages, and it saves time and resources due to these focusing on companies with smaller budgets that are looking for Cheap SEO Packages compared to High-end companies with dedicated SEO departments. With these low-cost SEO packages being available this means your company can free up funds that can be utilised for other areas of your business. With an affordable SEO package, a team of experts work on optimising your website and enhancing your online presence.

SEO packages also provide a fixed cost that is easy to budget for and allows you to avoid unexpected expenses down the line. Working with a company that offers transparent lists of features ensures that there are no hidden fees or surprises in terms of what is included in the package; you know exactly what you are getting in every SEO Package.

An experienced SEO agency will help increase your page rankings on Google, which in turn leads to increased visibility and traffic for your website. This translates into more clients and leads through organic search results.

Different types of businesses require different types of SEO packages depending on their specific needs. For example, local businesses benefit from local SEO packages, while national companies need national or even international SEO services, that is why SEO Group UK have packages to suit all types of businesses.

Investing in an affordable SEO package can significantly improve the success rate of any business by increasing its online visibility and attracting more customers through improved search engine rankings.

Features Included in an SEO package

When looking for an affordable SEO package, it’s important to consider what features are included. Most reputable SEO agencies will offer a range of packages to suit different budgets and requirements.

As a bare minimum, an SEO package will contain some features from each of the following areas of SEO 

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research 
  • Site Audit 
  • Technical SEO 
  • On-page SEO 
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local SEO 
  • Backlink building
  • Monthly Reports

Competitor analysis

Figuring out what your competitors’ content ranks for and the authority of their websites is essential for developing a robust SEO plan that will put you at the top of organic searches.

Project analysis
Cropped view of students working on collaborative project at canteen, making research, studying stat

Keyword research

The commencement of a successful SEO campaign starts off with keyword research. Our selection of SEO tools allows us to find the most relevant terms to target based on search intent, volume and competition.

Technical SEO

We provide comprehensive technical SEO services, ranging from audits to fixes and optimisations for search engine crawlers. Our goal is to ensure your website is in top shape, giving it the best chance of success.

Computer code on screen
Above top desk of SME owner people home office call talk in SEO chart sale report

On-page SEO

We enhance all elements of your website, from titles and tags to headings, images and navigation, making sure it is designed for optimal usability and visibility in search engines.

Link Building

Link building needs to be customised to achieve the best results. Quality material related to the topic should be created and then put onto reliable, authoritative websites through strategic blogger outreach.

Business links and relationship.
Above top desk of SME owner people home office call talk in SEO chart sale report

SEO Reports

All developments should be carefully monitored, ensuring they are clear and accessible.

Our monthly report gathers every aspect of your website’s SEO into one comprehensive document.

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Additional Monthly SEO Package Info

How much do SEO packages cost?

One of the most common questions businesses have when it comes to SEO packages is how much they cost. The truth is, there is more than one-size-fits-all answer to this question, and different SEO agencies have different packages available.

The cost of an SEO package will depend on several factors: 

  • The tier of package that you choose 
  • The hours of SEO work that is dedicated to your website each month 
  • The list of features included within your chosen SEO package 
  • If the agency provides hosting as well as SEO for your website 

Some agencies may offer fixed-price packages starting from £149.99 per month, whereas some agencies’ prices can start from £1,000 upwards per month. 

It’s important to note that while affordability should be considered, it shouldn’t be your only deciding factor when choosing an SEO agency. Always consider what’s included in each package before making a decision.

Investing in a quality SEO service can bring significant returns for your business by improving visibility, generating more leads and boosting revenue over time.


What types of SEO packages are available?

When it comes to SEO packages, there are a variety of options available. Each package is designed to meet specific needs and requirements depending on the type of business, its size, and its goals.Typical there are three types of packages, all with different tiers in each: 

Local SEO Package

This package focuses on improving search rankings for businesses targeting customers within their immediate geographic area. It includes optimising Google My Business profiles, creating listings in online directories, and building location-specific backlinks.

National SEO Packages 

Also an option for businesses that operate across multiple regions or countries. These packages focus on optimising website content with keywords relevant to the target market rather than just one specific region.

eCommerce SEO Packages

For eCommerce websites, eCommerce SEO packages are specifically tailored to drive more traffic and sales through product optimisation and user experience improvements. This includes optimising product descriptions for search engines and improving page load speeds to enhance user experiences.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which package suits your business needs is by consulting with an experienced SEO agency that will analyse your site’s strengths and weaknesses before recommending a suitable plan of action.

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What is Local SEO

Local SEO refers to the process of optimising a website for specific local search terms, such as “coffee shops in New York” or “dentists in Miami.” It is about targeting customers who are searching for businesses that are located within their immediate vicinity.

A local SEO Package involves using location-specific keywords and phrases throughout your website content, including in your meta tags and titles. It also requires building citations on various online directories and review sites, claiming your Google My Business listing, and ensuring that your business information is consistent across all platforms.

The goal of a local SEO package is to increase visibility among people who are actively looking for businesses like yours within their area. By ranking higher on these types of searches, you can attract more foot traffic to your physical location or generate more leads if you offer services online.

Local SEO can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy for small businesses with a geographically defined customer base.

What Type of Business Would Need a Local SEO Package

Local SEO is an effective way to promote your business online for customers who are searching locally. It’s not just for small businesses like coffee shops or restaurants but also for larger companies with multiple locations targeting specific areas. some businesses that would require a local SEO package include: 

  • Physical shop owners 
  • Businesses that work with clients in a local area 
  • Small businesses 
  • Tradesmen
  • Beauty / cosmetic providers 
  • Large companies with multiple locations
  • and more! 

If your business relies on foot traffic and local sales, then you need local SEO. This includes brick-and-mortar stores, service providers such as plumbers or electricians, healthcare providers like doctors or dentists, and any other type of business that serves a specific geographic location.

For example, if you own a pizza restaurant in downtown Chicago and someone searches for “pizza near me” in the area using their mobile device, you want your restaurant to appear at the top of the search results.

Local SEO strategies such as optimising Google My Business listings, building citations across directories relevant to your industry and region and focusing on location-specific keywords in content marketing efforts can help increase visibility among potential customers searching for what they need within their immediate vicinity.

Therefore it’s essential to invest some time into researching Local SEO services offered by reliable agencies tailored specifically to help improve rankings in localised search results while increasing exposure through maps applications, including Google Maps.

What is National SEO

National SEO is a search engine optimisation strategy that focuses on optimising website content and online presence for keywords with national intent. This means targeting broad, industry-specific keywords that attract visitors from across the country to your website.

A National SEO strategy involves creating high-quality content that targets national keywords and building authoritative backlinks from reputable sources. It also includes optimising page titles, meta descriptions, and other on-page elements to help search engines better understand the relevance of your website’s pages.

The goal of National SEO is to increase organic traffic by improving visibility in search results for competitive terms at the national level. To achieve this goal, an effective National SEO campaign requires extensive keyword research, competitor analysis, and ongoing monitoring to ensure constant improvement over time.

Businesses with a large customer base or those looking to expand their reach beyond their local area can benefit greatly from National SEO strategies. By reaching a wider audience online through targeted keywords and optimised content, businesses can significantly boost brand awareness and drive more conversions.

What is an eCommerce SEO Package?

an eCommerce SEO package is a set of strategies and techniques that help to optimise online stores for search engines. The main purpose of eCommerce SEO is to increase the visibility of an online store in search engine results pages (SERPs) so that potential customers can find it easily. SEO tasks for an eCommerce website would include: 

  • Technical SEO 
  • Keyword research 
  • Product page optimisation 
  • Feedback curation 
  • Product reviews 
  • Deals / promotion offers 
  • Influencer outreach 
  • Improving page loading speeds, 
  • Implementing schema markup
  • Ensuring mobile-friendliness. 

One important aspect of eCommerce SEO is keyword research, which involves identifying the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your products or services. These keywords are then used throughout your website’s content, meta descriptions, titles, and URLs.

Another important aspect of eCommerce SEO packages is optimising product pages. This includes creating unique and descriptive product titles, writing detailed product descriptions with relevant keywords included, adding high-quality images with alt tags, and providing customer reviews.

In addition to these on-page optimisations, off-page optimisation also plays a significant role in eCommerce SEO success. Building quality backlinks from reputable websites can help improve your website’s authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Implementing effective eCommerce SEO can lead to increased traffic to your online store, improved sales numbers and ultimately, higher revenue for your business.

In summary, if your business operates primarily online with an eCommerce platform, then investing in an effective eCommerce SEO package will significantly benefit your bottom line by driving more qualified traffic to your website, leading up towards higher conversion rates.

SEO Terminology 

On-Page SEO

Off-page SEO

Optimised Content for SEO

Website content should not just be written with the user in mind but also to assist search engines in understanding the material.

Title Tags & Meta Tags

Title tags and meta tags are the elements that appear in search engine results pages. They provide information to search engines about the topics of individual web pages.


The written content needs to include relevant keywords or search terms but use them sparingly.

SEO Images

Visuals can invigorate a page and help search engines determine the keyword’s relevance.

Internal Linking

Internal links are beneficial for both users and search engines, aiding the navigation of a website’s content.

User Experience (UX) 

Websites should be user-friendly and have a well-executed design.

Creating Guest Post Content

High-quality written content should be created to be used in prestigious blogs, with links back to your website.

Connecting with Relevant Sites

Blogger outreach is a task we carry out to connect with sites in your industry

Social Media for SEO

Your social media profiles should be filled out thoroughly, with links to your websites wherever relevant.


It is not uncommon for websites to have backlinks that could damage their ranking, so we use Google’s disavow tool to prevent this.

Business Directories

Your business needs to be listed in reliable business directories, ensuring all details are accurately filled in.

External Backlinks

Once an appropriate site is located, content can be published with a link back to your website.

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Benefits of a Fixed cost SEO Package

When it comes to choosing an SEO package, it can be overwhelming to navigate the different pricing models. One option that many businesses prefer is a fixed-cost SEO package. This means that you pay a set amount each month for specific services rather than being charged hourly or by the project.

There are several benefits to using a SEO Package with a fixed-cost model. First and foremost, it allows for better budgeting and forecasting of expenses. With a clear understanding of your monthly SEO costs, you can plan accordingly and avoid any surprises.

Another advantage is the transparency offered by this pricing model. You know exactly what SEO services you’re getting for your money each month without worrying about hidden fees or charges.

Additionally, working with a search engine optimisation agency that offers fixed-cost SEO packages usually means they have streamlined their processes and workflows. This translates into greater efficiency and faster results for your SEO campaign.

Utilising an SEO service with a fixed-cost model provides peace of mind knowing exactly how much you’ll spend while receiving high-quality work from experienced SEO professionals.

Affordable SEO Packages

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Links from other websites, or what is known in SEO as backlinks, demonstrate to search engines like Google the authority and worth of your website. These links act like a business referral or vote of confidence for your site. Suppose your website has links from authoritative sources related to your profession or industry. In that case, Google will view your website as an invaluable resource – this is an “off-page” SEO technique.

Website owners should avoid the mistake of buying backlinks or engaging in link exchange schemes, and this decision can ultimately result in search engine penalties for your website.

Our packages offer only white-hat SEO techniques, guaranteeing your website’s safety.

Before launching an SEO campaign, it’s essential to undertake keyword research and analysis. This will help identify the keywords and phrases related to your business that are most likely to rank well in organic searches.

We make use of our effective SEO tools to create a selection of keyword options that could be suitable for your business website. Upon examination, we consider monthly search engine traffic volume and the levels of competition for each option on the list.

If you own a tradesman business in London, targeting relevant keywords such as “tradesman service London” is a good idea. Though targeting higher search volume terms such as “tradesman service” would afford more exposure, the competition would be immense. Most people doing these searches may be somewhere other than London-based.

Content optimisation forms part of “on-page SEO”, which involves altering your website content, such as titles, body text and images, to increase the quality and relevance of the target keywords or phrases.

Google employs what they call E-E-A-T to determine which websites are most likely to give a superior user experience.

We assess your content and then modify it to generate the ideal outcome.

We analyse your web page content and previous and recent blog posts to ensure they are optimised for search engines. This is a part of on-page SEO.

Writing blog posts can be a great way to increase website traffic. Articles and posts can appear in search engine results independently, so producing helpful and informative longer-form content are sure to drive more visitors to other pages on your site and generate more enquiries.

In order to come out ahead of our competitors in organic search results, it is important to gain an understanding of the tactics they are using to promote their websites. This includes analysing keywords they focus on, sources of backlinks, content length and relevance. With this knowledge, we can assess where we need to make improvements in order to rank above them.

In order to come out ahead of our competitors in organic search results, it is important to gain an understanding of the tactics they are using to promote their websites. This includes analysing keywords they focus on, sources of backlinks, content length and relevance. With this knowledge, we can assess where we need to make improvements in order to rank above them.

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What is the best SEO package?

Choosing the best SEO package for your business can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available in the market. The best SEO package will depend on several factors, such as your business goals and budget.

When searching for an affordable SEO service, it is essential to look at what each package includes and ensure that it aligns with your specific needs. Some packages may offer more services than others, but they may not necessarily benefit you or your website.

It’s also important to consider how much time an agency will spend working on your website each month. A reputable agency should provide regular updates and reports detailing their progress and any changes made.

When selecting an SEO agency, choosing one that has experience working within your industry is beneficial since they are likely familiar with common keywords used in searches related to your products or services.

Ultimately, the best SEO package for you depends on what works for your business needs and goals. It’s important to research different agencies thoroughly before making a decision and determining which one offers the most value for the services provided.

Are you having difficulty deciding which package is the best for your company? reach out to us for a free consultation. 

SEO Packages for all Business Types

Frequently Asked Questions

At SEO Group UK, we offer our services to many websites, particularly those in the eCommerce sector, aiming to achieve high Google rankings. We have experience working with clients from various industries, such as construction, digital, manufacturing and automotive. Furthermore, we have provided assistance across more than 16 industries in the United Kingdom.

An SEO package is a selection of services to enhance your website’s search engine ranking. Professional businesses offering specialist advice from SEO experts and access to comprehensive data-led tools are typically the providers.

Most SEO packages come with access to a team of professionals who are ready to assume control over the bulk of your SEO operations. They can give advice and show you how to augment the ranking of your website, as well as provide tracking of development in the long run.

The rate businesses pay for SEO services can range substantially, from a low of $100 to an exorbitant $30,000. Several aspects come into play when deciding the cost.

The amount you’ll pay for SEO services depends on the size of your company, the range of your project, and the SEO specialist you hire.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves enhancing a website to boost its ranking on big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The modifications affect the organic or unpaid search results. The procedure encompasses on-page and off-page optimisation such as content and page title improvement, blog refining, technical altering, keyword exploration, competitor survey and link creation.

Organic search results are listings on a SERP that don’t contain ads and aren’t purchasable. These results are based on factors such as relevancy to the user’s query, inbound links, valid SEO attempts and trustworthiness of the domain. This differs from outcomes acquired through advertisement campaigns referred to as ‘pay-per-click advertising’.

When considering how long SEO might take, the general range is between four and twelve months.

The more comprehensive answer involves consideration of all the details related to your SEO strategy.

By focusing your efforts on low-competition keywords, you should begin seeing progress in 4 to 6 months.

Our SEO packages provide ultimate flexibility, depending on the kind of business you have. For instance, a small local electrician will get excellent results with our 2nd package, while national retailers or businesses aiming for SERP visibility should opt for either the 1st or 3rd.

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