Local SEO Service

Looking to Increase your
business profile on Google?

Local SEO Services

Looking to Increase your business profile
on Google?

  • Does your business target customers in your local area?
  • Is your website appearing beneath your competitors? 

Then You Need a Local SEO Service!

We can raise your visibility in the local area by improving your business profile and ranking on Google, helping you reach more potential customers who are looking for products or services like yours.

If your business operates in a specific area, has multiple locations, or is looking to build a devoted customer base, establishing and maintaining an online presence in the local area is essential.

We specialise in local SEO and will help get the word out about your business so those browsing nearby can find you.

Local SEO Services

How can a Local SEO Service
Help you?

Did you know: Over 85% of all customer searches requiring a service or product start on Google looking for a local business.

Whether it’s customers you want to attract to a physical location or your service-based company hoping to target an area, using a local SEO service can allow you to reach the people you need. We deploy reliable tactics to ensure your business is the first thing local customers see in the results.

Searchers don’t have to input their location to get results that match their area, which means companies targeting local customers can’t solely rely on top positions for searches with a location listed.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to improving local business outreach, drawing in more customers and increasing visibility in your local area. We can work with you to increase your brand recognition, whether you’re based locally or further afield.

We are Google Certified!

As an officially certified Google Partner, we have been acknowledged by Google for our exemplary search engine optimisation services and have successfully amplified local visibility for using our tried and tested Local SEO services for local businesses like yours.

Local SEO Services [5 Star Rated]
Local SEO Services

Our Local SEO Process

Step 1

Define your business goals

We will go through what your business goals are for a local SEO campaign and factor in specialist requirements for your company and local area.

  • Improve your map ranking for specific keyword search 
  • Increase your page rankings for local search terms
  • Increase your local business enquiries. 
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Step 2

2, Conduct a Full Local SEO Audit

With our specialist SEO software we will conduct a full in depth detailed audit of your website. This will help us to see ways we can improve your local SEO Ranking:

  • Any technical work that needs fixing on your site pages
  • Start to develop your local keyword database
  • A full review of your local competitors
  • Local citation analysis
Step 3

Build your keyword database

Based on the site audit we will start to build a keyword database of long and short tail keywords to use in your SEO campaign. For example if you were an accountancy firm in Leeds. We might target a long tail keyword such as “accountant for self-employed Leeds” this targets a service and a location. 

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Step 4

Implementing your Local SEO Strategy

After steps 1, 2 and 3 are complete, we have the SEO Analysis and SEO plan in place. It is time to put this to action. Our technical experts get to work making sure your website is technically sound whilst the rest of the plan gets underway. Monthly reports are shared to you so you can see the progress being made. 

Local SEO Features

Local SEO techniques involve utilising various tools and optimisation methods to increase a website’s local relevance and presence. This helps Google to understand that your business is the one to serve people within your local area when they need your products or services.

Technical SEO Audit

A full technical SEO audit of your website to locate possible technical issues making sure your website is performing at optimum performance and can be crawled and indexed by Google.

Google My Business

Google's free tool is essential to creating your local presence and can help improve your visibility and authority. Utilise it to manage your Google Maps listing, Knowledge Panel, or other local SEO elements. Optimising your Google My Business profile will not only build trust with potential customers but also boost your visibility in multiple areas.

Website Optimisation

Your website should showcase your local presence by providing your address and referencing local services and areas in which you provide coverage. This is part and parcel of a Local SEO Service.

Local Citations

With the increased frequency with that Google views your business name and address in credible internet sources, it will build confidence in the location of your business and its authority in the industry.

Local Link Building

Getting people in your local area to promote and discuss your brand is essential, both online and off. We can help you find those opportunities to engage local companies and organisations with your business.

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