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To achieve high rankings on search engines, you must ensure your website is as accessible to Google’s crawlers as possible. If Google cannot crawl your website, your pages will not be indexed and will not rank on Google.

You can have the best content in the world but if your website is not fine tuned technically, Google will score your competitors above you meaning they will rank higher in the search results on Google.

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Benefits of using a technical SEO agency

Technical SEO Service

Ensure your website is Technical SEO Optmised

Unfortunately, a high percentage of websites created by a web agency or web design professional do not factor in SEO when building the site. This means that whilst you have a shiny new bespoke website it is marked down in the rankings because of fundamental mistakes, which are the core building blocks of technical SEO Are your web pages taking too long to load? Is the  website difficult to navigate for the user? Is it difficult for a google crawler to reach all of the pages?
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Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO

Technical SEO services involve many things, from site structure, clean code, core web vitals, page load speed and much more. You are fine-tuning your website for optimum performance in organic search.

The aim is to ensure you are in line with Google’s algorithm requirements, meaning it can be crawled, indexed and ranked as easily as possible.

Any technical work that needs fixing on your site pages

Website Structure

Page speed Optimisation

Site maps and Schema Markup

Step 3

Build your keyword database

Based on the site audit we will start to build a keyword database of long and short tail keywords to compare against your competitors and help us to narrow down the best ones to use that will be incorporated into your SEO strategy.
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Step 4

Implementing your Ecommerce SEO Strategy

After steps 1, 2 and 3 are complete, we have the SEO Analysis and SEO plan in place. It is time to put this to action. Our technical experts get to work making sure your website is technically sound whilst the rest of the plan gets underway. Monthly reports are shared to you so you can see the progress being made. 

Technical SEO Features

For Technical SEO to work your website needs to be build using the best coding practices and to make sure everything is compatible with the platform and CMS it is built on. And just as important is that your website needs to work towards achieving your business objectives.

Technical SEO Audit

A full technical SEO audit of your website to locate possible technical issues making sure your website is performing at optimum performance and can be crawled and indexed by Google.

Category Page Optimisation

Having your products optimised into categories help the filtering and sorting of your product. Potential clients like to be able to search categories and filter down the exact product type they are looking. Optimising your categories will help with your site structure and user experience (ux)

Product Page Optimisation

SEO for your ecommerce website product pages will help your products rank higher on search engines. We will review the content, images and make sure your pages have the highest change of conversion.

Product Filter Optimisation

Your products are the reason why you have a website, your potential customers need to be able to easily reach the product they want, by having faceted navigation your customers will be able to easily search and filter based on the product attributes to find the desired product.

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