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The Rules Are Very Simple…



The content should be relevant to tips or how-to articles, research and news on the following topics: 

  • Digital Marketing, 
  • SEO 
  • Search Engine Optimisation, 
  • PPC
  • Pay Per Click
  • Google AdWords 

And any topics related to Google or search engines in general. 


All content must be original and protected by copyright, and you agree not to publish it elsewhere. We will verify the article before posting it on our site.

We check for any ChatGPT-generated articles. 


The article must not contain more than two promotional links. Appropriate references are allowed, but no links are permitted in the first two paragraphs. Affiliate links are strictly prohibited.

We do not charge for publishing guest posts but we do require one link from your website pointing to our website. (this is monitored monthly and your post will be removed if our link is removed) 



Structure your posts into and paragraphs 

with subtitles. Proper headings must be included. H1, H2, H3.


Each article must include at least one image. Copyright and photographer credits must be clearly identified and appropriate for use.

Established Website

Your site must be at least 1 years minimum in age. It must contain a Privacy Policy, a Contact Us page, and an About page that lists credentials or anything else of relevance. 

It is essential that your website has a good reputation and is relevant to the appropriate category. Please ensure that there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors in the content.


Include references to factual data used in your research.


Your article must be a minimum of 1000 words.

No Spam

Your article is commendable for its clarity and lack of clutter, ensuring that our website remains pristine.

NO Pills

Selling prescription medication is illegal, hence we will not provide any links to such websites.

NO Porn

What? Good heavens, no, no, no.

NO Gambling

No Gambling of any kind. Period. We will not promote this foolishness.


Contact us on: or use the contact form below:

Tell us about:

  • The type of article you are looking to create.
  • Some example headlines
  • Provide the URL of the company you are writing for. 

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